Resting meat

Most meats (if thicker than an escalope) benefit from a rest after cooking and before serving. Around five minutes for steaks or up to 20 minutes for roasts. The rest allows the meat to reabsorb its juices so less escape when it’s carved or cut into.   

Meat thermometer

Unsure whether your thermometer is accurate? Dip it into boiling water (100 degrees Centigrade) or iced water (just above 0 degrees Centigrade) to check.

Pan-frying and sautéing meat

To prevent meat sticking, make sure it’s completely dry and pre-heat the pan before adding any fat or oil. Wait until the fat or oil shimmers before adding the meat. 

Preparing meat

Use a separate cutting board for preparing raw meat; this helps prevent cross-contamination. After use, always scrub it well with hot soapy water.

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